Horses and us- Sessions and Classes 


Nikki Cutlar has trained in Reiki for Horses and to be a Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator in Texas.
She has more than 20 years of experience working with energy healing and teaching classes, for people and animals, and showing others they can do this too. She takes the mystery out of this work making it accessible and facilitates people to know that so much more is possible.

"Horses speak the language of energy, I am interested in showing people that they can too.
I use practical techniques that you can use straight away to ask horses questions and receive a response.
We work with up to 10 different horses on the weekend to give a broad experience of this work. We may look distance work and tuning in with photographs. 
We use energy exercises to create a tangible connection both on and off the horse. This can change the way you ride forever. 
Getting in tune with horses gets you more in tune with yourself.

It is a new way of being with horses so its suitable for beginners and experienced horse people and can also be used with all animals.
Horses are an amazing gift, they are conscious beings and healers. So much more is possible with our relationship with them. 
This class is about both giving and receiving healing with and from horses, as well as talking to them."

Feedback from previous Horse Classes;
"Over and beyond expectations that I didn't even have coming here. I feel empowered and big and amazing leaving today.
I realized I am just like my mare and she is like me!
Working with energies, really connecting with animals and the earth and universe in ways that I never appreciated and recognized fully before. I would describe the course as life-changing." 

"Nikki puts her heart and soul into this class. She helps every horse and person to find the right question for them at the time. She helps us all to get to that position of letting go what's need to be let go of and to come to a position of recognizing the endless possibilities that we can choose to be. 
For someone coming to this work for the first time she explains and demonstrates it clearly and helpfully.
The energy about us all after the weekend is magical and to be savoured and expanded on. Thank you, Nikki."

"What an amazing weekend, to witness horses and humans interaction was magical. Nikki and Gina (host) have such a great connection with these beautiful powerful beings.
The horses were so receptive and an amazing contribution.
For me, it was the first time on a horse and Dexy just made me feel so comfortable and assisted me in letting go of what does not serve me anymore.
The energy was so light after the few days. Personally, from someone who hasn't been around horses, I will now be in the presence of horses every time I get the chance.
I loved it!
Thank you also to all the dogs.
Cheers, Nikki. Thanks for a great weekend." 

"It was such a special experience to meet and work with Nikki. I didn't expect the spiritual dimension. I had such a profound effect on me and I learnt so much. I see as a journey to expand and learn so much more. It brought home the importance of conscious awareness to everything we think, say and do.
I can't thank you enough and know we will meet again." 

"Truly phenomenal course. Taught in a way that everybody can really use the tools on a day to day basis. Saw huge change with each horse. We are all going to able to continue the work because Nikki has explained and repeated the procedures so clearly. Thank you, Nikki.

"It is difficult to put into words and needs to be experienced. A great way to better understand and communicate with horses as well as to understand yourself. Noticed positive changes to the horses, the dogs, and the humans......"

"Such a great weekend. It's pretty hard to describe. But very healing and mind-expanding and so well held. Thank you."

"The Horse Clinic is a journey which opens up a whole new realm of thoughts and possibilities. The changes it produces in the horses is heartwarming, moving and revealing. Working around the energy areas and amongst non-judgmental animals provides you with the opportunity to learn in a whole new way without worrying about being right or wrong. Nikki is a wonderful person and makes the course very enjoyable."

It is a nurturing and transformative weekend for the horses and the people.
We will work on the horses directly for both physical and behavioral issues.
You will get to apply these techniques with many different horses over the weekend, tuning into them, becoming aware of their very different personalities and what they would like us to know.

Nikki also facilitates people to be able to let go of fear, judgment and any past trauma that gets in the way of your relationship with horses and riding. She can facilitate you to have more access to your gifts and talents and become aware of abilities you didn't know you had.

You will experience creating an energetic connection both on (if you wish) and off the horse. 
This helps the horse become present with you and give you both a sense of peace. This can contribute to the way you ride forever. 

We acknowledge the horses as conscious beings and healers and explore how we can receive from them in a way that works for you both.

The horses love this work you will see them respond.

This is a new way of being with horses so its suitable for beginners and experienced horse people.

Many of us have experienced the magic and joy of being around horses this work takes it to a new level.

Both horse and rider are being worked on which has facilitated remarkable change in many areas. Develop a deeper connection with the animals, the ability to talk to, and hear them, and to facilitate a different possibility. The value of this class is you will be able to read energy, the language of animals.

Access Consciousness Bars Classes

I have done many advanced classes in Access Consciousness. They're tagline is " Empowering You To Know That You Know"  

In a Bars Class, we work with 32 points on the head. Touching these points creates an electrical discharge, which is likened to activating a computer program of consciousness that begins to unravel where we are functioning from a place of auto-pilot instead of awareness. The Bars are like the hard drive, the stuff we have stored lifetime after lifetime and we are deleting these files so they don't automatically pop up! This leads us to be able to live our lives from who we really are, beyond judgment and limitation, from choice and from a willingness to receive. We get to be more present in our lives. What possibilities are you now ready to receive?

The 32 Bars of energy relate to all areas of life eg; creativity, body, healing, communication, sexuality, money, peace and calm to name a few. It's about clearing the deck so we can be ourselves and create our lives from that sense of space.  

It's a one day workshop at, Cara Physiotherapy Centre, Oranmore, Galway. From 9:45 to 6 pm.

 €300 for Practitioner Training. Under 16's are free to all Access Classes If with an adult. Half price for under 18's and for anyone who has done a Bars class before. 

I'm happy to answer any Qs about the Bars or if you are interested in attending the next class, please contact me. 

"Feel like a different person. The barriers I have gradually been putting up feel like they have been removed. I feel lighter and more joyful again. Thank you." 

"Thanks Nikki for a lovely day. Fun, easygoing and yes, so powerful, I feel fantastic."

"Expanded, joyful, Feeling possibilities and feeling desire! Thanks for the space. "

" Amaazing!! So grounded, so new! Thank you, Nikki x"

" My first time doing Bars I have to do it again. I think this will change my life." Ronan T age 9

" Unexpectedly relaxing. The time flew for me, as I thought its gonna be a long day. Feeling very light at the end of the day. Really felt the power of asking my body questions."

" Thanks for the day. It has been nice and peaceful. I felt safe. And now I am looking forward to practicing with friends and family. Very nice to meet you Nikki and thanks for all the healing work and your sharing words."

" Day was wonderful, opening so much more of the world/universe energy for me on my journey. Feeling wonderful now. thanks and see you again soon."

Hi Nikki, Just to say thanks for introducing me to The Bars, which I attended in March this year. Firstly I really enjoyed the day. The energy around the session was amazing, and the people in the group were so open in sharing, it made for a very special day. Accessing the Bars has meant so much more than that day though, because since then my life has opened in many different ways, in all areas, and this has unfolded with an ease that I have glimpsed before, but never felt part of. Our home has become our haven, my family has grown in health and contentment, my job has taken a marvelous new direction, and I have experienced simple moments of pure joy and freedom. On the outside, the appearance is the same, but on the inside everything has become more of an expression of who I am, without fuss or drama, and I don't miss that. 

I hope to do another class and would happily recommend this class to anyone, at any stage of their lives, but especially with Nikki's unique presence. Thanks. C. D. 

"Nikki creates a very relaxed, open and safe and supportive environment in which to explain /teach the bars course. 

She is hands-on, practical and makes sure everyone is comfortable throughout the day.  Nikki is generous with her great wisdom, intuitive gifts and possesses such a warm, inclusive and non-judgemental manner, that it makes the learning fun and easy. 

I would highly recommend you learn the bars from Nikki.I found it to be a very positive, uplifting experience which I hope to repeat  at one of Nikki's next bar courses." M  Connolly Kerry

"I really enjoyed our bars day and felt well and light afterward. I loved your confidence and lightness and authority in delivering the class. I can see that practice is important and to make room for the bars in one's life" L.M. Lime

FENG SHUI DAY - Energy awareness for your home.  

This class will include:

• An understanding of the basic principles of Feng Shui, and the how and why of their application, the flow of ‘Chi’, life-force energy, in your home. - How to use your home as a template for what you want to create in your life.
• Understanding and placing the Bagua Map to enhance and balance the corresponding life areas.
• Finding the hidden messages in your home.
• How to use Feng Shui Cures with intention.
• Making Feng Shui your own, reflecting your personality. 

Your personal space will very accurately mirror your subconscious desires, hopes, fears, and dreams. To look at your home with ‘Feng Shui Eyes’ is so interesting and it's fun. A Feng Shui lesson empowers you to be awake to your environment and consciously create your intentions in a space that is singing with energy, inspiring and beautiful to you.
There are many different schools of Feng Shui, INTERIOR ALIGNMENT FENG SHUI, is a particularly positive form, there is always a solution, a ‘cure’.

This class is designed to give you information on your home. please bring a simple hand-drawn floor plan of your home.  

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