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Feng Shui for the Soul
When you have a Feng Shui consultation in your home with Nikki you get a lesson in Feng Shui tailored for your home now and in the future. You are given an understanding of the basic principles of Feng Shui, and the how and why of their application, such as;
• The flow of ‘Chi’, life-force energy, in your home.
• Using your home as a template for what you want to create in your life.
•Understanding and placing the Bagua Map to enhance and balance the ..corresponding life areas .
• Finding the hidden messages in your home.
• How to use Feng Shui Cures with intention.
• Making Feng Shui your own, reflecting your personality. 
Your personal space will very accurately mirror your subconscious desires, hopes, fears and dreams.

To look at your home with ‘Feng Shui Eyes’ is so interesting and its fun. A Feng Shui lesson empowers you to be awake to your environment and consciously create your intentions in a space that is singing with energy, inspiring and beautiful to you.
There are many different schools of Feng Shui, INTERIOR ALIGNMENT FENG SHUI, is a particularly positive form, there is always a solution, a ‘cure’.

Your home can become a powerful ally in helping achieve your potential. Your dwelling is also an outward expression of your inner being and on profound level it is also a place where you can grow spiritually.

Unique to Interior Alignment Feng Shui is a technique called Synchro-Alignment. Which uses special guided meditations that help you tap into your deepest intuition regarding your home, giving insight and information. Synchro-Alignmentis also a way of having a consultation over the phone for clients at a distance.

Home consultation/lesson €250
Synchro-Alignment phone consultation €80


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